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Considering plastic surgery? Trust Sei Bello in Lawrenceville, GA for your next cosmetic treatment. Take the next step and join the rest of our satisfied clients who trusted our team of skilled plastic surgeons for their procedure. Sei Bello is a center of distinction, with our surgeons holding memberships in several professional organizations, including: 

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
American Society of Cosmetic Surgery
American Society of Plastic Surgery


Sei Bello is in the business of enhancing the natural beauty of our patients. Our highly professional and dedicated staff assists Sei Bello surgeons to inspire confidence in our patients and provide a reassuring visit. Interested in regaining your body confidence? Ask us about one of the many services we provide:

Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Brow Lift
Fat Transfer
Keloid Removal
Neck Lift
Plastic Surgery

We proudly serve customers in Lawrenceville, GA. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your next cosmetic surgery.




You did it! You’ve achieved your ideal body weight through diet and exercise, but that stubborn belly fat just won’t go away. If this sounds like you, an abdominoplasty is the solution to your worries. Also known as the “tummy tuck,” our abdominoplasty procedure performed by our highly skilled cosmetic surgeons in Lawrenceville, GA is designed to help you achieve a tighter, toned abdomen.

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While some women are satisfied with the general size of their breasts, others may long for a change. Gravity can prove to be a formidable foe over time, causing sagging and uncomfortable breasts. If you want to get back to that younger – perkier – you, it’s time to consider a breast lift with Sei Bello. Feel confident in your body again with this simple procedure performed by our established plastic surgeons in Lawrenceville, GA.

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breast augmentation different sizesAUGMENTATION

There are several reasons you might be dissatisfied with the look of your breasts. Whether the concern is with size, shape, symmetry or any combination of all three, breast augmentation is the solution. We offer breast augmentation procedures designed to produce results that exceed your expectations. If this sounds like the answer you’ve been searching for, visit our plastic surgeons in Lawrenceville, Georgia for a consultation. 

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BREAST REDUCTIONbreast reduction smaller breast size

 Some women desire larger breasts, while others might see overly large breasts as nothing short of a nightmare. Chronic neck, back and shoulder pain caused by large breasts are common reasons women seek breast reduction surgery, along with restricted activity, poor self image, etc. If you’ve been contemplating breast reduction surgery, it’s time to set up an appointment with Sei Bello. Our plastic surgeons based in Lawrenceville, Georgia will walk you through your options and discuss the advantages of breast reduction surgery.

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